Red-faced Pakistan bristles at Donald Trump’s tweet, says ‘ready to give account of every penny’

Hours after US President Donald Trump denounced Pakistan in a tweet, announcing that the South Asian country would not be given any more financial aid due to it being a ‘terror safe haven’, a red-faced Pakistan dismissed the allegations and also summoned the US ambassador to the country to register its protest.

Defending the funding that the Pakistan government had been receiving from the US in the past, the Pakistan Army spokesman, Major General Asif Ghafoor, stated that the aid Pakistan had gotten from US was “reimbursement for support Islamabad gave to the coalition for its fight against Al Qaeda”, news agency ANI reported.

Pakistan’s defence minister also slammed the US government’s stance, claiming that Pakistan as an “anti-terror” ally  had provided land and air communication, military bases and intel cooperation “for free” that helped them to “decimate Al-Qaeda over last 16 years.

“However, the US has given us nothing but invective and mistrust. They overlook cross-border safe havens of terrorists who murder Pakistanis,” the ministry added, as per ANI.

In fact, Pakistan foreign minister Khwaja Asif claimed that the country was “ready to give account for every penny given by the US,” the Times of India reported.

Earlier in the day, US President Donald Trump on Monday announced that no more funds will be provided to Pakistan, blaming the country for giving ‘safe havens’ to the terrorists.

In a tweet, Trump said that the United States of America had “foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years” and had only received “lies and deceit” in return,

Earlier as well, reports had suggested that the US was mulling over to withhold $225 million in government aid to Pakistan over frustration with the country’s handling of terror groups within its borders.

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