Pakistan mocks Sushma Swaraj for issuing medical visas, calls it ‘Indian gimmickry’

Pakistan likened Union Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj’s efforts to help patients across the border, by awarding them a medical visa, an act of ‘Indian gimmickry’.

The shocking statement has come to the fore after the two countries ran into a fresh state of coldness after Pakistan planned to release criminal mastermind and terrorist Hafiz Saeed.

Although Sushma’s humanitarian approach to Pakistani patients has received plaudits around the globe, it is surprising how the neighbouring nation made such a statement, considering the fact that one of its own citizens was benefitting from it.

The distasteful statement has already sparked a massive debate online. In a statement, Pakistan Foreign Office has said: “No one is fooled by Indian gimmickry, it’s not a gesture of compassion, but cold-blooded politicking, Pakistanis come on their own expense with any discount from India.”

Over the past few months, Swaraj has helped several Pakistani nationals by approving their medical visas, and some of them have expressed their gratitude to her. On Twitter, she can be seen regularly helping out Pak nationals in getting a medical visa.

Not only for medical visas, but the minister has also helped several students acquire visas for educational purposes.

The statement is not only surprising but also insulting to the external minister who has helped all the ailing Pakistani nationals who have approached her. In return, all Pakistan could return was mockery and insult.

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