Indian army more vigilant at LoC, but festive spirit still in the air

While the country is in full festive mood, soldiers of Indian army have been put on high alert and are more vigilant while guarding the Line of Control.

The groups deployed on LoC are extremely alert as neither infiltration attempts from across the border nor ceasefire violations from Pakistan have come down.

While arrangements have been made for lightening of diyas and distribution of sweets within the unit, commanding officer of the unit Col Harsh Jha said that “the first and main priority are our operations”.

“We have arranged Diwali celebrations with jawans here, but our first and main priority are our operations. But we always try to give chance to some of the jawans on turn basis to be with their families on Diwali. However, for a soldier his unit is no less than family as he spends most part of the year with them. We have sarvo dharam sabha where jawans from every religion come and we have prayers. Lightening of diyas and distribution and exchange of sweets within unit will also take place”, Col Harsh Jha said.

Since LoC is a sensitive area, fire crackers are not allowed but diyas and candles were set up.

One of the solider guarding LoC in Kupwara sector Ravindra Thapa said that he feels proud when he is guarding the country’s border while his fellow countrymen are celebrating Diwali without any tension and fear.

“I have spoken to my family in the morning, they are celebrating Diwali and are happy, even I will do the same once I return from my shift. I will offer my prayers and do pooja at our unit temple. We will also have a function in our unit where bada khana (best dishes) will be served. Our unit is our main family as we spend most of the time together”, Ravindra Thapa said.

During the past few months infiltration attempts across LoC in Kashmir have spiked and army believes that there will be continuous infiltration attempts. But the high alert and security grid army has placed will act as a foil to these infiltration attempts.