India has withdrawn close to 10,000 additional troops along China border in Ladakh

During the Doklam crisis, India deployed close to 10,000 additional troops along the China border in Ladakh who have now been withdrawn from there.

“After the need to remain alert on the border, we had deployed close to 10,000 troops opposite Chinese area for carrying out exercises. The Chinese also had deployed an equal number of troops there,” sources told Aaj Tak.

The Army had issued an operational alert during the Doklam crisis as part of which the troops had been deployed by it from the newly-raised mountain strike corps.

“Two brigades (6,000 troops) have already been withdrawn from there and sent back to their actual locations after we called off the alert about 10 days ago,” the sources said.

The troops were part of the Ranchi-based 17 Mountain Strike Corps which has been specially raised to carry out warfare on the China front.

The deployment of One Division of troops meant that 20,000 Indian soldiers were guarding against any misadventure by the Chinese Army in Ladakh area to put pressure on Indian side on the negotiation table.

India has already increased the strength of the 3 Infantry Division deployed in Karu in Ladkah which looks after the Eastern Ladakh area where additional tank regiments have been deployed to tackle any maneuvers by the Chinese to push in armoured regiments from that area.

India Today