Drone row: Chinese media cautions India, asks for apology

In a fresh attack on New Delhi, the Chinese state media has asked for an apology for the recent drone “intrusion”.

The location where the drone landed is the same location where the armies of the two nations were involved in a two-month standoff earlier in June. While a mediation was reached more than 70 days later, signs of tensions between the neighbouring nations have pertained.

In the Chinese editorial on state-run tabloid Global Times, an apology has been demanded from India, adding a warning note, which cautioned of consequences worse than losing just a drone.

The editorial, titled ‘India must apologise for drone intrusion’, reasoned that the drone was found at the “sensitive” Doklam standoff site, and asked India to avoid “acting in ways that the other might perceive as provocative.”

“But India clearly did not behave itself,” added the editorial.

As reported earlier, an Indian drone had crashed near the Sikkim border, after facing technical issues.

India’s defence ministry, in a statement, said that the UAV was on a training mission and strayed into the Chinese territory after losing contact with ground control due to a technical glitch.

The Army said that the protocol was adhered to and in fact, it was the Indian side which informed the Chinese about the incident.

“The Indian move violated China’s territorial sovereignty. We strongly express our dissatisfaction and opposition,” Xinhua news agency cited the deputy director of the army’s western theatre combat bureau, Zhang Shuili, as saying.

Chinese border troops “took a professional and responsible attitude” and carried out identification verification of the device, Zhang was quoted saying earlier.

The editorial further asked how the “technical problem” occurred right near the site of Doklam.

“Even if it is a technical problem, why is that technical problem happening at the exact wrong place and wrong time?” it questioned.

“If a Chinese drone flew into Indian territory due to a technical failure, would India accept an explanation that such an incident was a mere accident?” it added.

This editorial is a clear sign that the tension between the two nations are not yet over. Labelling the incident as “provocative”, the editorial hinted that China will not be afraid or hesitant in responding to such attitude in the future.

“China has the full right to respond as it sees fit based on the results of the investigation,” it concluded.

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