China and Pakistan are selling dreams and illusion in the name of CPEC

The vice chairman of Niti Aayog Dr Rajiv Kumar stated that China and Pakistan were selling dreams and illusion in the name of China Pakistan Economic Corridor and this activity would only benefit five percent elite Pakistanis and not the common man of that country.

Pakistan, Kumar said is successfully leveraging its relationship with China like they leveraged relationship with US in 1980’s to its best, with the sole aim to counter India and it continues to be so.

CPEC, as per the Niti Aayog VC, will have no impact on India, as it is not an Indian problem or issue, but a wonderful Chinese ambition of which Pakistan has decided to become a client state and transit route for Chinese goods.

Kumar was speaking on sidelines of a function in Srinagar ‘Role of Youth and Economy of J&K’ organized by Delhi based organization Bureau of Research on Industries and Economic Fundamentals.

“This whole hope, that there would be tremendous multiplier effect of (CPEC) and Chinese investors and traders are going to set up units there. I don’t think so that will happen,” Kumar told ET, adding, “This is a dream and sort of illusion that is being sold. This is part of Border Road Initiative and China had the centuries old ambition of getting access to warm waters of Arabian Sea and has succeeded in that.”

Kumar says that this is wonderful Chinese ambition as it has always aspired to be the middle kingdom to which whole world should come and pay obeisance. “Pakistanis have agreed to this. We are still, at best, thinking about it. I hope we don’t have to do it.”

“Pakistani rulers have tied themselves with china in such a way which is not going to be good for people of Pakistan. Pakistani people are not very close to and have no traditional or cultural relationship with China,” said Kumar adding, “This (CPEC) is therefore a decision by a small elite for their own benefit as has been the case always. The driving force is not their love for china, but a smart design to counter India and amplify geostrategic power.”

While referring to a conversation of Brijesh Mishra, who served as principal secretary of then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, with a Chinese delegation in his presence, Kumar quoted him as saying, “Look no country is big enough in the whole world to put India in its pocket, neither USA nor China. We have our identity and status.”

Economic Times